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Why I’m taking a hiatus from blogging

Although I just started this blog, I think I have decided to take a little hiatus.  I originally thought I had so many topics to talk about and I would just crank out the posts and be able to batch create quite a few posts at once then would be able to focus on other projects.  But that was not the case.  I soon realized I’m not quite comfortable writing about everything I want to due to potential consequences.  So there went over half my ideas.  I haven’t been able to work on other projects I wanted to due to the time spent every week trying to come up with and create a post.  Honestly I haven’t ever been much of a reader or writer, so I’m kind of surprised I even started!


I am in a stage of my life where I am trying to figure things out.  This year I have graduated from school, moved (multiple times), and started a new job.  I’m currently trying to figure out where my future is going, how to get there, what I actually want to do, and how to afford everything with so many student loans lingering over my head. I hopefully will be starting a residency in a few months and need to pick up more hours at work sooner than later.  I feel my time would be better spent either on self-care, adult things (like cleaning, meal prepping, grocery shopping), or developing classes or programs so I can reach more people.


Maybe one day when I am confident in my opinions, can write about the things I want to without consequences, and have a better grasp on my day to day life, I’ll hop back on and write some more.  But for now, I’ll see you over on Instagram!

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