Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Enthusiasts

So, it’s that time of year again and it’s time to figure out gifts for your friends and family.  If you’re like me, I always struggle with what to get people.  But if they like anything health and fitness, here are some ideas for either yourself or anyone on your list!

Disclaimer: some of these links are affiliate links

1. Athletic clothing

If your friend or loved one has been looking for some athletic wear, look no further! P’tula has great options from performance to lounge and from menswear to anything for the ladies! They have amazing quality clothing that works with any size or needs and are flattering for a ton of body shapes and sizes.  They have performance to lounge leggings and lower to higher support sports bras that are still cute and flattering!  Plus some amazingly soft and comfortable loungewear. You can find a few items for them if you know their size or get a gift card instead. 

Use code LAURA at checkout to save money and to be entered into a monthly giveaway! 

2. Shoes

A. For your barefoot lovers or lifters, Vivobarefoot has everything from everyday wear, trail shoes, boots, etc.  These are great for people looking for a minimal/zero drop shoe, those who prefer to be barefoot (due to preference or its many benefits), or want to purchase from an eco conscious brand!

You can use code LAURAK for 10% off your Vivobarefoot order

B. For your runners/walkers: Brooks are great shoes that I recommend for patients all the time (my dad also swears by them).  They have a quiz to help you select your shoe based on your body.  The only thing I would say about them is they don’t have many shoes with a lower heel-toe drop, which is something I personally look for in a running shoe.  

3. Headphones

After struggling for years to find headphones that stay in my ears, I found ESC sounds. I can wear these while doing pull ups, handstands, running, and flipping without them coming out! My only complaint is that you can’t use the right one without the left, so if you’re only using one headphone, you have to use the left earbud. These are more reasonably priced than some other headphones as well, plus code LauraK10 will give you 10% off!

4. Home Gym Equipment

I may be biased, but some of my favorite gifts are exercise equipment (tires, rope for climbing, grips, etc.) 🤷‍♀️ Whether they’re looking for something small or large, there are always things that you can give here:

A. Resistance bands

Bands are always a good thing to have around.  They don’t take too much room, they’re versatile, and you can still get a good workout in!  Rubberbanditz has great quality bands at all different resistances and lengths.  Use code LAURA10 for 10% off your order!

B. BaseBlocks Home Gym Products – if you’re looking for home calisthenics equipment that is fairly portable and compact, this is definitely something to look into!  It’s a little pricy, but code POP can help by giving you 10% off on any of their products!

  • BaseBar – this is a portable pull up bar that has 2 adjustable heights.  Please note it won’t be the most sturdy for swinging on as it is portable, but it’s great for pull ups (either in a tuck or pike position), dips, Australian rows, and some abs work!  It also somewhat easily can be slid behind a shelf or stored under the bed or against a wall.
  • BaseBench or BaseBench Pro– A mini bench attached to a platform that also comes with two bands.  The bench has adjustable heights so it can be used for things from hip thrusts to nordic hamstring curls.  It can be lowered enough to fit under a bed for storage.  I wouldn’t necessarily use it for barbell hip thrusts, but it’s a great home workout tool!
  • StrongBlocks – if you’re looking for yoga blocks that also can be mini parallettes, these are your 2 in 1 workout tool!  They’re great for travel, small for apartment living, and very versatile!  These are one of their more budget friendly options too! 
  • B-Bars – these are their parallel bars that are adjustable to 2 heights.  They’re not quite as portable/easy to adjust as they advertise on their site, but if your plan is to leave them up and keep it put together, then these are a great tool to have!  They’re sturdy for things from dips to pull ups to even handstands!  Obviously, if you’re giving them to a gymnast, they’re going to have some limitations, but they’re great for basic strength work! (this is one of my fiancé’s favorites)!
  • BaseBlocks – these canes are easily adjustable in height, but do not adjust width.  They can be used for things like dips, handstands, Australian rows, etc. and are easily slid against a wall or under the bed for storage.
  • These can also come in sets if you’d like to get a combo of them and save a little more money (I don’t believe my code applies to the sets, but feel free to try it out)!

C. Pull up bar – depending on what they like to do, a simple door pull up bar may suffice, or if you’re wanting a wall mount pull up bar, here are a couple brands to check out!

  • Rogue Fitness – their quality is impeccable and their products come with a pretty solid warrantee. 
  • Lacertosus Equipment – an Italian company that makes high quality at home workout equipment.  They do not ship worldwide, but worth considering if they ship where you are
  • Titan fitness (budget option) – this is the brand of pull up bar that I have in my apartment and have had for a few years.  It is a good budget option that does the job, but if you’re looking for something that will last for years, check out Rogue or Lacertosus!

D. Barbell – if they have enough space and are into weightlifting, a barbell is a staple in any workout program

  • Rogue Fitness – although a little more on the pricy side, their barbells have a lifetime warrantee.  I splurged on my barbell when I first started my gym and have been very pleased with the purchase!
  • Used barbell – if you’re looking for a budget option, check your local facebook marketplace, craigslist, etc. You can often find a used barbell for a lot cheaper, but you may have to be patient! Be careful giving these as a gift depending on who you are giving them to, as the condition won’t be as good as new!

E. Weights: dumbbells, kettlebells, or plates

Weights can add up in price quickly, but often times there will be some available on facebook marketplace or craigslist or even a local shop.  There are obviously brand names where you can get them new like Rogue Fitness, American Barbell, or Lacertosus Equipment, but depending on the person, used ones are a lot cheaper and work the same way as new ones! From my experience, it was a lot more challenging to find bumper plates used vs. standard plates, so it may be worth getting those new depending on your time crunch or budget.

F. Grip trainers

These are great for travel as they can be hung on a tree branch or playground in a pinch, plus give you a little extra challenge with your grip on upper body days! I have some from MoveStrong and Metolius Climbing that I have found to be very good quality with years of use!

5. DIY recovery kit

Grab a few items to help with recovery and throw them into a basket – here are a few ideas:

6. Fitness related educational books

For the person who loves to read & learn here are a few ideas of books I recommend (I linked the official pages, but you may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere):

7. Training program or skill session

Whether they have a particular goal of getting a skill or have been talking about working with a trainer, let me help you! I offer

  • Individualized training programs based on their goals, equipment they have, their current level, with basically any individualization you need from frequency of check ins, form feedback videos, access to videos of each exercise, etc.
  • Skill sessions – so if they’re just working on getting over a little plateau with working on a skill (e.g. handstands, muscle ups, press handstands, etc.), I also offer skill sessions where in a one hour zoom call, we take a look at where they are with a skill and then come up with drills, exercises, and techniques to help break through that plateau to progress that skill faster than they could on their own! 
  • You can always pick up the pre-made programs here where you have the options of:

8. DIY morning routine productivity kit

Yeah, I know this isn’t exactly “fitness”, but if they’re into personal development, planning, etc. this can be a good option and include a basket full of things like:

  • A planner – I personally use the Start Planner and it has been a game changer for me!
  • A pen/pencil &/or highlighters
  • A mug
  • A local coffee

9. Kombucha home brewing kit

Kombucha is fermented tea and has a ton of health benefits and is also good for the gut! So if they’re into a healthy lifestyle and looking for a hobby this may be a good option! There is definitely a learning curve, but it’s totally worth it! I personally have Fermentaholics starter kit and bottling kit. They’re great to start, but once you get going, I personally like the larger bottles of 32 oz vs the 16 oz that come in the bottling kit.

10. DIY coffee lover’s kit

Again, not exactly fitness related, but who doesn’t love their coffee?! And if they’re weird and prefer tea, you can do the same thing with tea! You can have a basket full of things like:

  • A coffee mug
  • Local coffee(s)
  • Creamer
  • A nice grinder or coffee maker (if you want to be fancy)

Hope these ideas help with some of your gift giving struggles!  Let me know if you have any questions about any of the products or programs with a comment below or shoot me an email at!

Remember, no one is perfect, and that in itself is perfect!

Happy Holidays!

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