Paradigm of Perfection Coffee

Because coffee…

Have a sip, savor the flavor, and mobilize your morning!

About the coffee

Tasting notes:

An extremely smooth, dark roast coffee that’s aromatic and fruity with a chestnut finish.

Brewing suggestions:

Truly great for any method of brewing (ex. drip, french press, pour over, cold brew, and even espresso)!


Jittery Joe’s roasts your coffee once your order is placed, so shipping dependent, you could receive it within a week of it being roasted to ensure your coffee is fresh!


Intentionally sourced from from farms around the world, including women owned, sustainable, rainforest alliance certified, and/or organic farms.

Charitable contributions:

A percentage of the proceeds will go to the Kyle Pease Foundation to help create awareness and raise funds to promote success for persons with disabilities by providing assistance to meet their individual needs through sports.

Price: $18.99

The story of how the coffee came about..

Y’all know I love me some coffee…so when a local coffee roaster reached out for me to give feedback on some coffee, I couldn’t turn it down!  Tasting the coffee turned into meeting and learning about how the coffee was roasted, what made certain farms special, and let’s be honest, made me never want to go back to the regular old store bought coffee! 

This local coffee shop was one of the first ones, my now husband, told me about when I moved down. It came recommended by his sister from when she was on her clinical rotation in Athens, GA. I heard the stories of him surviving on their crackacino while studying for PT boards and doing his clinical rotation with the University of Georgia football team (I’m still rooting for the Gators though).  When we met up one day to study (way before we even started dating), we ended up going on a walk and passed a shop that sold this coffee and he said we had to go.  That was my first taste of Jittery Joe’s coffee.

Fast forward a little over three years and now I get to partner with them to offer you Paradigm of Perfection coffee.  It was a long process of trialing a lot of coffees, all the combos, getting people together for taste testing, etc.  We wanted to use farms that were women owned, had sustainable practices, and were paid fair trade for their coffee.  I wanted to know where my coffee was coming from and wanted to support ethical and environmentally friendly business practices along the way. 

Why Paradigm of Perfection Coffee?

I wanted to create a cue for people to add a little more movement into their day.  Coffee is often times had first thing in the morning, so as you’re waiting for your coffee to brew or drinking your coffee, go ahead and move a bit! Get some stretching in to loosen up after sleeping all night or just do something for yourself that feels good! Drinking coffee is something most of us do, so go ahead and have a sip, savor the flavor, and mobilize your morning!

About the farms:

The coffee is a unique blend of coffees from three different farms from around the world.


This bean was purchased direct trade from a small farm in Nicaragua. This is a 100% women owned farm that is rainforest alliance certified. The rainforest alliance certification means that the farm is environmentally and agriculturally sustainable and the local animals and plants are able to maintain the farm as their natural habitat. They do have a few lots on the property that are organic, but not 100% of the lots are certified despite using the same properties for all their lots.


This farm in a small town also is home to lots of bees that help pollinate the coffee to increase production without the use of fertilizers. This farm is organic certified, so the beans from this farm are all organic.


This is from the most conventional farm of the three and it makes up a small portion of the coffee. The quality of this coffee is exceptional, which is why it was included in this blend!

About the Jittery Joe’s:

Jittery Joe’s is a local coffee shop based in Athens, GA.  They roast coffee daily, which means when you place an order, it’s then roasted and shipped right away, so you know this coffee is fresh when you get it! Like, can be off the roaster a few days ago fresh (depending on shipping of course)!  So thanks to their roaster, Charlie (who has also done my pull up program), you can have fresh coffee every time you order!  They pride themselves on quality and have a B grader on staff to help taste their coffee (one of only a few in the state)…think of a Q grader like a wine master sommelier. 

About the Kyle Pease Foundation:

I’ve always wanted to have some sort of charitable component to something that I did and am excited to say that a portion of the proceeds from the coffee will go to the Kyle Pease Foundation.  The Kyle Pease Foundation is a local Atlanta based charity that helps athletes with disabilities find their passion in sport.  I found this foundation through an old coworker who is a very talented tri-athlete that volunteered for the foundation. 

Coffee Fun Facts!

When coffee is being roasted it pops like popcorn!

Beans have different taste profiles based on where they’re from, the processing of the bean, how they’re roasted, and how you brew your coffee!

You can change the flavor profile based on the speed you change the temperature during the roasting process, not just the final temperature/how long it’s roasted.

Regular consumption of a dark roast coffee blend may have a protective effect on human DNA integrity (Schipp, et al 2019)

Moderate coffee consumption (3-5 cups/day) is associated with decreased cardiovascular disease risk vs. lower or higher coffee consumption (Ding et al, 2014)

Caffeine consumption improves muscular endurance, muscular strength, anaerobic power, and anaerobic endurance (Grgic et al 2018)

Higher coffee intake may be associated with decreased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, Parkinson’s disease, and mortality (Lee et al 2019, Poole et al 2017, Grosso et al 2017)

*Remember correlation does not equal causation when looking at these studies and other lifestyle factors can play a role other than coffee consumption!*

If you’ve made it this far, what are you waiting for?

Have a sip, savor the flavor, and mobilize your morning!

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