Pistol Squat Program

Time to get your pistol squat!

About the Program

How long will it take me?

The program is designed for 3 days per week, about 30-45 min per workout, and about 6 weeks. Total length of the program may vary based on your current level/strength and can be adjusted to 4 or 8 weeks by adjusting the length of phase 1 and phase 2 by 1 week shorter/longer. The first week or two may take a little longer as you learn the exercises, but it should get faster as you learn and no longer have to watch the videos!

What makes this different than other pistol squat programs?

In addition to working on drills, mobility, and specific strengthening for pistol squats, this program includes generalized lower body strengthening and self joint mobilizations to improve lower body joint mobility. People often think that pistol squats are limited by core strength, but often times ankle and hip mobility and lateral (outside) hip strength play a larger role than they think! This program includes things to address all of these things!

What equipment do I need?

You’ll need access to a big looped bands or belt, 1-2 dumbbells or kettlebells, a box/bench/sturdy chair/or other sturdy surface that you’re elevated comfortable standing on, a strap (can use a belt, dog leash, towel, rope, or any non-stretchy strap), and a small towel roll. If you need bands, I use Rubberbanditz 41″ bands (code LAURA10 gives you a discount). I recommend getting a band or two based on your current strength.

Can I do this with my other program(s)?

You can add this to another upper body &/or core program, but I would recommend not performing another program at the same time that includes lower body work to allow proper recovery of your lower body for maximal strength gains! Remember recovery is just as important as your training to gain strength! This would pair well with the pull up program or shoulder prehab program depending on your goals!

Will it be too hard or too easy for me?

You should be able to perform 20 double leg squats with good form and be able to sit down into a chair on 1 leg (we’ll work toward being able to stand back up from there) to do the program! It is designed to have some variability based on your current level (e.g. increased/decreased resistance/assistance, etc.). If you just got your first pistol squat, you can also use this program to increase your lower body strength to increase your reps. But, if you can already do 2-3 pistol squats on each side consecutively with good form, it may be too easy for you. If you still have more questions, feel free to shoot me a message below!

How does the program help with form and progression?

When you purchase the program you get access to the written program and detailed individual exercise videos. These videos go into common compensations and corrections for each exercise and have a written detailed description of the exercise, common error, and corrections. To ensure progression, you are given progressions from phase 1 to 2 (in reps or exercises) and a place to track weights/assistance. The goal is to either decrease assistance, increase resistance, increase range or motion, or improve form each time you perform a specific exercise! The program allows you to easily track this so you don’t have to remember what you did the last time!

How much is it?

$40 USD. I wanted to make a more accessible program for those who are unable to do my individualized workout programs or consult calls for whatever reason!

What if I don’t like the program?

As you receive the program once you purchase it, no refunds will be given. If you have any questions about if the program is right for you, please email paradigmofperfection@gmail.com with any questions you have!

Ready to reach your pistol squat goals?

Legal Stuff: Pistol Squat Program Disclaimer

By purchasing and participating in this Pistol Squat Program, you understand that Laura Kummerle is a physical therapist licensed in the state of Georgia and the Owner and Founder of Paradigm of Perfection, LLC. Our purpose is to help individuals optimize their movement patterns to improve performance, whether that performance is in life or in sport.
This program is for informational and educational purposes only. The information and education provided is not intended or implied to supplement or replace professional medical treatment, advice, and/or diagnosis.
Although we do our best to make sure all of the information contained herein is up to date and/or accurate, we do not make any representation that all the information contained herein is accurate or free of errors at all times. We do not assume any responsibility for accuracy of the program information, or its safety or efficacy as it applies to you. You should review any and all changes to your diet, lifestyle, exercise regimen, or supplement routine with your physician or a medical professional before trying it yourself.
We do not offer any representations, guarantees, or warranties, of any variety, regarding the program in any way including, but not limited to, effectiveness, safety, harm, or results achieved as a result of your use of the program. The program is offered “AS IS” and without representations, guarantees, or warranties of any kind, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, neither express nor implied, to the extent permitted by law. We are not liable for damages of any kind related to your use of the program or any information contained or discussed therein.
By using this program, you implicitly signify your agreement to all of the terms contained herein.
If you have any questions about this disclaimer, please contact Laura Kummerle at paradigmofperfection@gmail.com. Thank you.

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