Lift Like Laura – Jan 2022

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A series of programs with a mix of bodyweight training, lifting, gymnastics style conditioning, & so much more!

This program focuses more on general full body strengthening. It has some moderate rep ranges and some lower rep ranges to get a variety of stimuli to your muscles in an organized and effective manner throughout the program!

Compare the different LLL programs here to help you decide which one is best to help you reach your goals!

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What are the Lift Like Laura (LLL) Programs?

The Lift Like Laura programs are based on programs that I have made for myself. They are advanced, 4- or 6-week programs that include changes in reps, tempo, or progressions in the exercise throughout the month to ensure progression. Each program typically has a different focus (e.g. strength, skill, power, hypertrophy, endurance, etc.).  There are multiple LLL programs and they do not necessarily have to be done in a particular order.

How long does this program take?

This program will take about 1-1.5 hours per day and is designed for 5 days per week. There will be two lower body focused days, two upper body focused days, and one full body day. Each day has a core burner at the end of each workout. It is designed to be a 6 week program with a combination of self progressions and program progressions made from week to week (weights, reps, tempo, exercise progressions, etc).

Is this program right for me?

This is an advanced program, so experience with lifting and basic movement patterns (push, pull, squat, lunge, carry) is required. A typical workout involves a warm up, 12 exercise workout, 3 exercise core burner, and a cool down. To reduce the risk of overuse injuries you should be already able to tolerate working out at a similar volume. This program also includes a little handstand work here and there, so you should be able to hold a wall handstand for at least 20 seconds. The program does have exercises like a ring muscle up and a pistol squat programmed, but it does offer some substitutions for more advanced exercises too!

What equipment do I need?

Access to a full gym will likely be needed, as the following equipment is required:
– Barbell + plates
– Big looped bands
– Dumbbells or kettlebells
– Box/step – sturdy enough for box jumps
– Bench
– Pull up bar
– Rings
– Socks/sliders
– Glute ham machine, heavy piece of furniture, or partner to hold feet – somewhere to do nordic hamstring curls

How do I know if I’m doing the exercises correctly?

Each day includes a playlist for each individual exercise for the warm up, cool down, and workout. Each video goes over proper form, common errors, and corrections for these common errors so you can ensure proper form during the program!

Can I do this with other programs?

This program is designed to be performed on its own as it is a full body program that has a fairly high volume. If you would like to add a little bit of lighter cardio in there (jogging, light biking, etc.), I would keep it at a max of 20-30 minutes, 3-4 days per week and only if you are already used to doing that volume. Please feel free to go on walks as often as you’d like! If you have any questions on this, please feel free to shoot me an email at

What kind of support do I get?

Feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions throughout the program.  You also get access to the Facebook community page to work through the program with others, share wins, ask questions, etc!  If you’d like, you can even post videos in the Facebook group of exercises that are in your program to get feedback on form!

How much is it?

$30 USD. I wanted to make an accessible program for those who are unable to do my individualized workout programs or consult calls for whatever reason!

What if I don’t like the program?

As you receive the program once you purchase it, no refunds will be given. If you have any questions about if the program is right for you, please email  with any questions you have!

5 reviews for Lift Like Laura – Jan 2022

  1. George Andrews

    Great program. Easy to follow. Videos are great demonstrations. Nice to have something to follow. I don’t have to try and program my own schedule.

    • paradigmofperfection

      So happy the program was easy to follow for you!

  2. Paige Mitchell

    This program is laid out so well, and was really enjoyable. The movements were complex, but it helps that it’s the same ones each week. Also, Laura really knows her stuff. She includes dynamic warm-ups, and static cool downs. It was fun to have a good workout plan with a twist of gymnast movements. I will be purchasing more of her plans in the future!

    • paradigmofperfection

      Glad you enjoyed the program! Repetition of the exercises definitely helps you improve form over time as you get familiar with the movements and progress them with weight to get stronger!

  3. AnnaLea Higginbotham

    Love Laura and her programs. She knows her stuff and is so inspiring. I still need to implement it more as I’ve been in dance training and auditions and recovering from an arm injury. But as soon as I’m clear I’ll be back on her program(s) for sure. Thanks for providing this amazing program Laura!

    • paradigmofperfection

      Thank you so much AnnaLea! Best of luck getting back from your injury and can’t wait to hear how the rest of the program goes as you get back into it.

  4. Jonathan

    Super impressed with this template program as a ‘low risk’ intro into Laura’s work. If you’re on the fence about jumping in, this is a great place to start! Well laid out, supported by a great video library (separated by each day!), and hits every muscle group blurring the lines between a PT session and a quality ‘muscle burner’. Super caring and responsive to questions! Coach Laura is gonna change paradigms for sure

    • paradigmofperfection

      Thank you so much! So happy you have enjoyed the program and I was able to answer all your questions!

  5. Aislinn

    This was the first Lift Like Laura program that I purchased, and I’ve gone on to purchase two more since! After I quit dance, I was looking for something to maintain strength and challenge me with fun, complex movements. I didn’t expect to grow as much as I did with Laura’s workouts, and I became stronger than I’d ever been in my life! I love the variety of movements, the prehab, the progression of weight and challenge, and the simplicity of the format. I have so much fun with each workout and I’ve gained new skills that I never knew I needed. I’ve recommended Lift Like Laura to several friends and family members!

    • paradigmofperfection

      Ahh so happy you enjoyed the program to come back for more! Cheers to having fun and getting stronger together! ❤️

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