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Looking to get your first pull up? Look no further! This program will help you build upper body strength specifically for pull ups while including general upper body strengthening and prehab (isolated exercises for general shoulder health and injury prevention)!

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Time to get your first pull up!

How long will it take me?

The program is designed for 3 days per week, about 45 min per workout, and about 6-8 weeks. Total length of the program may vary based on your current level/strength. The first week or two may take a little longer as you learn the exercises, but it should get faster as you learn the exercises and no longer have to watch the videos!

What makes this different than other pull up programs?

In addition to working on drills and specific strengthening for pull ups, this program includes generalized upper body strengthening and isolation exercises for some of the rotator cuff and muscles that assist with scapular stability (aka important small muscles for overall shoulder health) to reduce risk of injury and help keep your shoulders healthy!

What equipment do I need?

You’ll need access to a pull up bar and big looped bands. If you need bands, I use Rubberbanditz 41″ bands (code LAURA10 gives you a discount). I recommend getting a 5-15 lb band for prehab/more isolated injury prevention exercises and then a heavier band or two based on your current strength.

Can I do this with my other program(s)?

You can add this to another lower body &/or core program, but I would recommend not performing another program at the same time that includes upper body work to allow proper recovery of your upper body for maximal strength gains! Remember recovery is just as important as your training to gain strength!

Will it be too hard or too easy for me?

You should be able to perform a dead hang on a bar for 10 seconds to do the program! It is designed to have some variability based on your current level (e.g. increased/decreased resistance/assistance, rep ranges, etc.). If you just got your first pull up, you can also use this program to increase your upper body strength to increase your reps, but if you can already do 6-8 unassisted pull ups with good form, it may be too easy for you. If you still have more questions, feel free to shoot me a message below!

How does the program help with form and progression?

When you purchase the program you get access to the written program and detailed individual exercise videos. These videos go into common compensations and corrections for each exercise and have a written detailed description of the exercise, common error, and corrections. To ensure progressions, you are given rep ranges and a place to track resistance/assistance and the number of reps. The goal is to either decrease assistance, increase resistance, or increase the number of reps each time you perform a specific exercise! The program allows you to easily track this so you don’t have to remember what you did the last time!

How much is it?

$40 USD. I wanted to make a more accessible program for those who are unable to do my individualized workout programs or consult calls for whatever reason!

What if I don’t like the program?

As you receive the program once you purchase it, no refunds will be given. If you have any questions about if the program is right for you, please email paradigmofperfection@gmail.com with any questions you have!

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