Budget friendly programs to help you reach your goals, get new skills, & improve how you’re moving!

Anti-Sitting Mobility Program

Get an easy to implement, beginner program designed to loosen you up after a long day of sitting to help you feel better and live your life!

Shoulder Prehab Program

Learn exercises to help keep your shoulders strong, balanced, and to reduce injury risk!

Pull Up Program

A comprehensive upper body program that helps you build strength to get your first pull up!

Muscle Up Program

A program to help you get your first strict ring or bar muscle up!

Hip Prehab Program

Learn exercises to help keep your hips strong, balanced, and to reduce injury risk of the back, hips, and knees!

Pistol Squat Program

Follow a program to help build lower body strength, mobility, and balance to help get your first pistol squat!

Handstand Prep Program

Part 1 of the Handstand Series. Prep your body for handstands with all things wrist, shoulder, and mid back mobility with slow progression to improve upper body weight bearing tolerance!

Handstand Strength Program

Part 2 of the Handstand Series. Get a solid wall handstand by working on strength, shape drills, and body awareness to build a base before progressing to a free standing handstand!

Handstand Balance Program

Part 3 of the Handstand Series. Find your handstand balance with specific drills to progress from a wall handstand to a free standing handstand!

Lift Like Laura

Get access to advanced programs based on how I program my own workouts. They’re advanced full body, advanced programs that combine calisthenics, lifting, and gymnastics style conditioning!

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