Salmon Ladder/Squat Rack Plans

Build your own salmon ladder and squat rack!

Take your home/garage gym to the next level with a squat rack and salmon ladder combo!  These plans include step by step instructions to build your own squat rack and salmon ladder which includes an olympic lifting platform and safety bars for the squat rack. You will be responsible for purchasing the materials and tools separately and will be responsible for building the rack yourself!

How tall do my ceilings need to be?

The full height is designed to fit in an 11.5ft ceiling, but the plans can be adapted to a 9 ft ceiling.

Can they be used for commercial use?

No. They are not meant for commercial use. These are only meant for individual use.

How much weight can it hold?

I have placed up to 435 lbs on the squat rack portion. You do have to be careful un-racking and re-racking the weight at this amount of weight. Consistently using the rack with this amount of weight may decrease the lifespan of the rack.
The weight limit for the salmon ladder will be determined by your specific set up and secondary safety feature based on the options in the plans. With one set up, I have felt comfortable having a 190 lb human use the salmon ladder, but with a different safety in a different location, I have felt comfortable having a 145 lb human use it. You can always add additional supports if needed based on your set up. Feel free to reach out with additional questions on this!

What do I get?

You will receive a PDF download of the written plans. You will be responsible for purchasing materials and having a qualified professional build the structure and review the plans for any required changes based on the area in which you choose to build the plans.


$35 USD


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