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Designed specifically for you and your body 🙂

What to expect:


After filling out this intake form here, you will receive an email from me within 48 hours with more information on what your program will look like and pricing. If you choose to continue, you will then schedule your initial movement screen via the link provided in an email. Within 48 hours after scheduling, you will receive a contract via email that you will read, sign, and return prior to the initial movement screen performed over zoom.


You will receive your individualized program via email within 1-2 weeks of your movement screen. You will receive the written program and access to a playlist of videos for each individual exercise. The videos will include an explanation of the exercise, cues for form, and corrections for common errors. The written program will have room for you to take notes on the exercises and track your weights from week to week! Feel free to reach out via email with any questions, comments, or concerns at any point throughout your program! After completion of the program, you will receive an email to provide feedback to help future clients.

Movement Screen

Prior to the movement screen, you will submit payment and the signed contract. From there, the movement screen will occur via zoom. You should be warmed up prior to the call as we will be taking a look at how you are moving. We will also discuss any relevant medical history and make sure we are on the same page with what you are looking for in your program. Then we will go into a general range of motion and flexibility screen, plus some functional exercises based on your goals (e.g. squat, pull up, push up, etc.).

Check Ins & Video Feedback

If you choose to have check ins, they can be in the form of video, audio, or email check ins. The video check ins will be performed via zoom, the audio check ins via WhatsApp, and the email check ins via a google form that I will respond back to in an email within 48 hours after receiving your response.

If you choose the video feedback option, you can record yourself doing as many exercises as you would like, upload them to a google drive (or other file sharing platform) and share them to me via email. You will receive form feedback on each exercise you send within 48 hours to make sure you are getting the most out of each exercise!



Since the program is extremely individualized, so is the pricing. Please fill out the intake form here to receive more info on what your program will look like and a quote.
Price range:
– $210 USD: 4 week program, 3 days per week, less than or equal to 60 min per session (no check ins, no video feedback)
– $900 USD: 8 week program, 6 days per week, 90 min per session, weekly video check ins (8 total), and ability to send videos for feedback on form.
– I would recommend probably somewhere in the middle for options as some check ins/feedback provide additional value to the program, but 6 days per week at 90 minutes per session with weekly video check ins will be a bit much for the average person!
– There is no cost or commitment with filling out the form, so if you’ve read this far, go ahead and fill out the intake form and I’ll get back to you with a quote within 48 hours!

Does it include nutrition coaching?

No. I can provide very general nutritional advice, but if you would like specific guidance on macros, calories, etc. I can refer you to another coach that provides those services!

What style of workouts do you program?

It is based on what you want! It can be an individualized mobility program, prehab program, general lifting, calisthenics, or a combo! We can do circuit format, supersets, trisets, etc. based on your preference. I want this to be a program you enjoy, so if there is a certain style you prefer, let me know!

How long is the program?

It’s up to you! It depends on how long of a program you’re looking for. If you prefer switching up exercises more frequently, you can do a 4 week program (with rep adjustments or progressions made at 2 weeks), or if you prefer to keep things the same for a bit longer, you can do up to an 8 week program (with rep adjustments or progressions made at 4 weeks). If you want longer than that, we can always do another program based on an updated movement screen!

How long are the workouts and how many workouts per week?

Again, it’s up to you! It can be based on how much time you have, your goals, etc. I do not do programs for 7 days per week as it is important to have at least one recovery day. I would recommend between 3-5 days per week and 30-75 min on average, but again, it’s up to you!

Does this include skilled physical therapy?

No. Due to licensure restrictions, I am not able to provide medical advice online. If you are currently having pain, please see a medical provider near you for an individualized assessment. Once you have completed your plan of care, I can help you return back to working out and bridge the gap between physical therapy and training!

Can you help me “tone” my body?

“Toning” requires muscle mass as to have a “toned” look, you need to have the muscle to show at rest. Therefore, you need to build muscle to look toned. There are many ways to do this, but it does require strength training! This can be done via bodyweight training or with weights, but progressive overload (placing additional demands on the muscle over time) is required! If you already have a good base of strength, but you’re still looking for a “toned” look, check your nutrition. So long story short, I can help with strength training in a way you enjoy to help you build muscle (and no, strength training does not inherently make you look “bulky”). If you would like guidance on nutrition, I can also refer you to another coach that can assist with nutrition and complement the strength program well!

What I can help with

Prehab/Injury Prevention

Learn your body, address any asymmetries, and optimize movement patterns to decrease risk of injury through isolated and specific exercises addressing areas where you may have neglected with past training!

General strength training

Whether you want to use weights or not due to access or preference, I can help you reach your strength training goals through various methods depending on your preference!


Improve your flexibility, range of motion, and learn your body more with a tailored mobility and flexibility program taking a look at muscle length, joint mobility, neural tension, and your active and passive motion to get you moving and help you reach your goals!

Sport Specific Training

Whether you’re looking to get into or improve your hand balancing or calisthenics, I can help you progress your training with specific drills and exercises specific to the sport. Laura has experience with strength training for gymnasts, divers, climbers, martial artists, and so much more! Laura also has experience with specific mobility programs specifically for climbers.


Laura looks and is very professional and polite, on top of being a very good athlete with great form when executing the exercises herself, which to me plays a big part. That’s why I decided to give it a go despite the fact that I found her through IG. I have never thought of asking someone I saw on IG to prescribe me a program, and normally I would not trust them. The program is very good and to the point on what I was looking for. She has done an immense job with the individual exercise videos. Can’t even fathom how many they are in total (probably close to one thousand or more). I would totally recommend her to anyone looking for a individualised mobility/ flexibility program.

– Giorgos K.

Laura is great at customizing programs to meet the needs of her clients. She carefully analyzes body mechanics to see where there are weaknesses. Her programs are tailored to busy individuals who want to get the most from their 15-30 min strength training programs.

– @erikaburton

Laura is a fabulous movement educator, motivator and inspiration. I focus on many different disciplines and she takes the time to incorporate strength, mobility and mind. Laura is incredibly valuable to me for my cross training for the long term. She is an amazing person and I value what she programs for me highly, it continues to raise my standards for myself. Thank you Laura for combining Handstands, Active flexibility, Glute strength, overall shoulder strength, calisthenics, gymnastics and recovery! My body loves your guidance🙂

– @balli_licious

If you have a particular fitness goal but you are uncertain how to get there, Laura is the right coach. She designed a program that set me up for success by fully taking into account where I was starting from (a far cry from some other programs I have done in the past). She is also quite adept at working virtually. The results speak for themselves, I have more shoulder mobility at 42 than I did at 22. I look forward to working with her in the future!

– Alex C.

Laura is extremely helpful and provides a workout plan and regiment that is clearly tailored to each person. She even changes the plans as you progress to ensure the progression continues and doesn’t stall. 10/10 would recommend.


Laura’s program was one of the best investments I have ever made for myself. Her coaching comes with a tremendous amount of knowledge and support. She thoroughly understood my goals and was able to combine mobility, flexibility and strength in a complete package that was very easy to understand. Throughout the program, she has been super responsive and helpful, with tips and tricks to help me overcome obstacles and improve technique. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants focused training for specific goals!

– Costanza B.

Laura’s program truly was beyond my wildest expectations! She delivered such an intimate and personalized program virtually – better than many programs I have experienced in person! She truly listened to my needs and created a program that could accommodate each and every one of my concerns. She was incredibly generous with her time and wisdom, and I could tell she truly cared about my progress and my body. I feel that I am now equipped for my future fitness goals in a way I couldn’t even imagine before. I could not recommend her any more!
– Katelyn W. (@somatic.alchemy)

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