March 2023. Read about wellness strategies to boost performance at work.


March 2023. Read more about a simple sit to stand test, if it can predict overall health, what it is, how to test yourself, and things to do to improve your performance on the test!

Headlines Over Sidelines

March 2023. Read the interview where I discuss the role of physical therapy in injury prevention, how important foot and ankle strength and stability is important as a strong base, and some recommendations for improving ankle mobility!

Optimal Body Podcast

January 2022. Listen as Dr. Jen, Dr. Dom, and I discuss optimal foot functionality by spending time barefoot, but with safety and slow progression. This episode provides insight into why your feet may be in pain after wearing barefoot shoes, and how minimalist shoes differ from the conventional shoe. Listen in as we discuss movement diets and the importance of introducing variety and reflection in approaching movement and health!

Fit for Practice – Self Care & Mobility

October 2021. A short blog post on the importance of taking care of yourself through busy times.

Spine Health Foundation

September 2021. Discussing how I got into physical therapy, recommendations for those who sit all day, my anti-sitting mobility program, and what your options are about minor aches/pains but you don’t want to go to the doctor quite yet!

Muscle for Life Podcast

September 2021. Listen in as Mike Matthews and I talk about Ninja Warrior Training, the benefits of bodyweight training, how to train around repetitive stress injuries (and when to see a physical therapist), and more!

The V1VE

April 2021. Discussing why I named my business, Paradigm of Perfection, the importance of movement and individualization of training, and my philosophy with movement, training, and diet.

Strength & Flexibility Summit

November 2020. Discussing my fitness journey from gymnastics and getting into ninja warrior training, importance of movement for overall health, finding balance, variations in injuries due to cultural patterns, and balancing strength and flexibility.

10.0 Podcast Interview with Danielle Gray

July 2020. Discussing my fitness journey from gymnastics and getting into ninja warrior training, my philosophy with working out, overcoming an eating disorder, and what it means to train like a gymnast.

YouTube Interview with Garage Gym Life Media

June 2020.  Discussing how gymnastics has shaped who I am, how my dad and I built my squat rack and salmon ladder, and training for American Ninja Warrior Season 11.

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