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Individualized Workout Program

Get an individualized program based on where you currently are in your fitness journey, how you are currently moving, the equipment you have access to, and how much time you have!

Consult Calls

Learn more about movement screens, skill sessions, or educational discussions.

Laura is extremely helpful and provides a workout plan and regiment that is clearly tailored to each person. She even changes the plans as you progress to ensure the progression continues and doesn’t stall. 10/10 would recommend.


Laura is a fabulous movement educator, motivator and inspiration. I focus on many different disciplines and she takes the time to incorporate strength, mobility and mind. Laura is incredibly valuable to me for my cross training for the long term. She is an amazing person and I value what she programs for me highly, it continues to raise my standards for myself. Thank you Laura for combining Handstands, Active flexibility, Glute strength, overall shoulder strength, calisthenics, gymnastics and recovery! My body loves your guidance🙂

– @balli_licious

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