16 Fitness Instagram Pages To Follow

I’m always on the lookout for new, unique, and inspirational fitness instagram accounts to follow so I figured I’d share my favorite 15 accounts…other than myself of course! 😉

1. Lindsay Camerik


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Hey, I’m Lindsay, but some of my close friends call me Slay. I didn’t get that name because I exude confidence and badassery 24/7. In fact, it’s really been quite the opposite. Even though I post a lot of photos and videos of me doing handstands in cool places, confidently defying the status quo, the truth is that my life is and has not always been sunshine and rainbows and handstands in beautiful places (and it still isn’t just that). In my 22 years I’ve fought a lot of battles, most of them in my own head. I’ve struggled with clinical anxiety and depression since the age of 12. My entire adolescence was marked by my struggle with anorexia. I’ve seen more than my fair share of therapists and doctors and have spent several months of my life in treatment centers. It’s only been in the past few years that I’ve started to find some balance in my life, and my handbalancing practice has been the outlet I’ve always needed. I’m not saying all of this for pity or sympathy; I live a very blessed and privileged life and I am grateful every day for it. I’m saying this because I want you to know that the person you see on instagram living the seemingly idyllic life is, at the end of the day, a human. And all of us humans struggle, no matter what kinds of talents or privileges we may have. Underneath the filters, we’re all just conscious sacks of bones and organs on a giant floating space rock, trying to get by. For me, handstands just make it a little bit easier. #worldmentalhealthday

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I’ve never met Lindsay, but it is amazing what influence one can have through social media.  A few years ago, I was struggling finding my passion again after retiring from gymnastics.  I didn’t realize that calisthenics existed.  I was scrolling through my personal Instagram and Lindsay’s training made me realize what I was missing.  Since then, her training has changed as she has grown.  Now she mainly posts hand balancing videos as compared to calisthenics when I first began following.  I will always be thankful that she introduced me to calisthenics without even realizing!  I know she is just a person who is doing what she loves and it shows.  I will continue to support her wherever her passions take her and you should definitely check out her page!


2. Christine



Christine is such a strong and flexible athlete who always seems to be traveling somewhere new!  Her obsession for durians makes everything better too! Although she doesn’t talk on her insta (*cough, cough* I thought we had a deal) she is so inspiring and honest about everyday struggles!


3. Samantha Hall


Such a talented hand balancer, slack liner, and so much more!  Her home workouts are always unique, creative, and inspiring.


4. Mark Greenham


Mark is an Aussie beast who typically trains at Bondi.  His posts demonstrate amazing strength and he’s always up for a good challenge.  Also, he’s not afraid to post a good fail video every once in a while!


5. Jess



This super strong chick is always crushing it with outdoor workouts.  But really, she is so freaking strong!!  She can also sometimes be seen upside down or doing elbow levers (with someone on her back)!


6. Madeleine Leander


Madeleine is amazing on a campus board, peg board, or really with anything either hanging from or standing on her hands! Her arm and grip strength are goals on so many levels! Her posts always keep me motivated to focus on upper body strength!


7. Stefanie Millinger


Okay, so this chick’s ability to balance on anything is amazing!  She is so talented, daring, and does things that I’ve never seen anyone else do!  Her control, flexibility, and strength awe me in every post.


8. Rochelle Mangan


A circus artist who posts the best handstand flows on her stories!


9. Hannah Bower-Hall


Probably the most “typical” fitness account I follow.  She posts great workouts, has an amazing core guide.  As a physical therapist, I’m envious of her ability to educate on core activation and intra-abdominal pressure.  Even though I can’t stand babies and children (no offense, it’s all babies and children), her fitness related content is so good I follow her. But if you do love babies, I’m pretty sure you’d find her son pretty cute, but let’s just say I have no heart.


10. Erica Alvarado


If you want yoga pictures, inversions, and dogs, go check out Erica’s page.  I swear her love for movement radiates through her page.  I feel like her insta name describes her vibes so well!


11. Krista Lajara



Krista’s a Spartan competitor who always looks like she is putting her all into every workout whether they’re at a park, at home, or at a climbing gym!  She’s always working hard and super real about her training.


12. T


This Canadian personal trainer is always coming up with fun challenges to try!  Umm yeah, most of which I have no chance of being able to do! She is often seen upside down and flipping around. You can also see a lot of bloopers in her stories!


13. Danielle Gertner


Starting her own business right out of college.  Inspiring people to use the world as their gym.  All while pulling off dropping the F-bomb…yeah, she talks to you the way you would talk to yourself!  She’s honest, real, and passionate about fitness.  She is a beast with a kettlebell and recently got her animal flow certification.  I wish I was able to hang out with this chick more when we lived in the same city!


14. Jordan Syatt


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Without motivation we wouldn’t get started with much at all. – But relying on motivation is where most people go wrong. – It’s not easy to follow the starvation diet or cleanse or detox. But for a brief time (7 days, 21 days, 30 days) it’s doable. – Motivation will help you power through. – But eventually your motivation will dwindle from a roaring flame to a dull burn, at best. Extinguished at worst, and more likely. At that point you’ll revert to your habits. What your mind and body knows best. – And if you haven’t spent time creating new, healthy, sustainable habits…you’ll go back to what you did before. Usually until you “undo” all the progress you just made (and then some), and you get another boost in motivation – sick, tired and disgusted – to try again. – Listen. – Don’t get woo’d into the quick fix or rapid results or 7-day solution. – They rarely work. And almost always do more harm than good. – Take your time. Be patient. This isn’t a race. No need to rush. Relax. Deep breaths. Give yourself some leeway. Room to breath and make mistakes. – Because mistakes will happen. And that’s ok. It’s part of the process. By planning to make mistakes along the way, you eliminate guilt when you go off track. And when you eliminate guilt, you eliminate the binges and feelings of failure that keep you from getting back on track. – Listen. – Take it slow. You’ve got all the time in the world. There’s no finish line. No race. Just time. – Take your time. Enjoy it. – #alwaysoptimal #sfinnercircle #syattfitness #flexiblediet #flexibledieter #flexibledieting #iifym #ifitfitsitsits #intuitiveeating #cleaneating #moderation #healthyeating #carbs #carbohydrates #carbcycling #keto #ketodiet #nutrition #moderation #precisionnutrition #easydiet #healthyfood #healthyliving #happy #happiness #smile

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Jordan gives the best real advice about diet.  As a unicorn, coffee, and Harry Potter lover, he consistently provides practical advice paired with humor.  His podcasts and youtube videos also are informative and give even more practical advice!


15. Jess Glazer


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Don’t believe everything you see (or read) on social media. 😵 . Your perception of the around is not necessarily the same as what is actually occurring. Let’s not forget that! 👊🏼 . We have all fallen victim to the black hole of “I’ll never been as lean as her, her husband is the sweetest, omg they make so much money, she has hair like a mermaid…..” . Be honest, raise your hand if this has ever happened to you. 🙋🏼‍♀️ . Ok, now that we all have our hands in the air; lower it down and give yourself a smack across the head- because hello reality! 💥 . The craziest part is that this isn’t new news, yet we all seem to have these spirals. So, how can we fix it? . Here are 4 tips on how to avoid the black hole when you feel it’s sucking you in: . 1️⃣ Limit screen time and mindless scrolling (plenty of apps to help you like “offtime” and now even offered in settings of iPhones) . 2️⃣ Unfollow those accounts that just make you feel icky (it’s ok, just do it) . 3️⃣ Remember, social media is a highlight reel; not a highlight real . 4️⃣ Put the screen away and move your body. Endorphins will always win at making you feel better immediately . . While social media can be an incredible tool for networking, building a business, staying in touch with old friends/connected globally, and creating a platform….let’s make sure we just leave it at that! . How long did it take you before you realized what was really going on in the picture? 😜 . . . #fakenews #perception #reality #highlightreel #realreel #potatochiprock

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Jess is a hustling babe who runs her own business(es)!  She is so transparent about what goes into running a business.  I’ve had the honor to talk to her and I admire her passion for helping others with finding a balance with food, mental health, and fitness!


16. MoveStrong


Okay, I may be a little biased here, but I couldn’t leave this company off this list!  But really, if you’re in the market for equipment, you should check them out for unique equipment ideas!

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