5 Ways to Reduce Boredom in the Gym

Dealing with boredom in the gym? Here are a few thoughts 👇

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Although consistency over time & progressive overload are important in training, sometimes doing the same things over and over causes boredom in the gym. So, here are 5 ideas to switch things up and bring back your motivation with your training!

1. Make small adjustments to exercises

This switches things up enough to be a little different, but works the same/similar muscle groups. Adding a change in tempo, adding a pause, or changing the variation of the exercise slightly makes you feel like you’re doing something new!

2. Try something new!

Go skating, dancing, take a random class, etc. Think of an activity that requires movement. It doesn’t have to be a traditional workout!

3. Set a new performance based goal

Focus on a new goal, skill, or movement. This gives you something different to focus on, and helps you to create a plan to reach a new goal!

4. Switch up the location

Workout in a different setting to inspire you to move in a different way. For example, if you work out at home, try going to a park. Use what you can find there (ex. a park bench), and challenge yourself to come up with a workout. This gets your creative juices going, and is fun!

5. Get a different perspective

Hiring a coach or finding a workout buddy helps switch up your training. Whether it’s a new program, taking a course, or hiring a coach to create a program for you, adding a new perspective leads you learn more about your body and get you motivated again.

So, let me know…how do you make your workouts interesting when you’re in a rut? 👇

Hopefully you found this helpful! Remember, no one is perfect and that in itself is perfect!

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