How do the hips and core impact each other?

First, let’s define regional interdependence…

Regional interdependence is how one body part can impact another.

An extreme example of this is how an injury to the toe or foot can impact the shoulder in a baseball player. You’re probably thinking, “something as far away as a toe can impact the shoulder?” Yes it can! This is because you’re driving force through the toe as you’re throwing, which impacts the torque through the shoulder.

You can apply the concept of regional interdependence to multiple body parts. In this post we talk about the hips and core specifically!

I’ve made a reel about this, where difficulty with controlling intra-abdominal pressure can cause some snapping or popping in the hips with certain core exercises (e.g. dead bugs, leg raises on your back, etc.).

Similarly with the hips, if the hip flexors/front of the hips are super tight, it can pull the low back into an anterior pelvic tilt (arching of the back) and make it harder to engage the core properly

There are TONs of ways that the hips impact the core and vice versa, which is why having proper mobility, strength, and control of the hips is so important! 

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